About Me

Hi, I’m Michelle Sheler, owner of Sheler Design and let me tell you a little about myself. After all, you don’t want to work with a complete stranger do you?

I’m very happily married to Eric, owner of Signmakers, Ltd., where I worked for 15 years. He still hires me as his freelance designer ~ I think he’s biased though. We have one grown daughter, Brandi, who is an RN here in Grand Rapids.

I’ve been a graphic designer, in some fashion, for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, I was the one who always had to draw an “actual newspaper” to pretend to read from in the family skits. As a teen I was a huge KISS fan and papered my walls with their names meticulously drawn up in my own, handmade font style and decorated with hundreds of markers and colored pencils. In every job I had I would find some way to create a form, a newsletter, a postcard, a business card or some project that would make life easier and more beautiful.


This is where it all started ~ a Mac Classic.

My first crack at professional graphic design started with my earliest office job for a public relations firm. It was a part time position – answering phones and typing up letters. There was a small tannish/grey box on a table in the back of the room that was half covered with a sheet. My boss said he wanted me to learn everything there was to learn about that little box to see if it was worth keeping. That was my introduction to all things Apple Macintosh. Of course it was worth keeping and after three years we moved to a bigger office, hired 5 new people, and I was laying out newsletters for some of the biggest organizations in town.

From that humble beginning I landed several jobs where those skills came in handy and I began to build on what I already knew. I think I gained most of my skill from the two best jobs ever, besides freelancing of course:  Art Director at Malecki Music, Inc., (no JW Pepper) and Graphic Designer at Signmakers, Ltd. I would redo all of it in a heart beat.

Fast forward to now. I’ve been designing professionally in some fashion, for over 28 years and still love every aspect of it. I can say that it’s something I’ve always loved and look forward to doing every day. I have discovered in my career that, when someone enjoys their work, they usually do it well. They take pride in their craftsmanship, and they take care of the details. I try to live that every day.

Michelle Sheler, owner of Sheler Design
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